School Reconstruction project

SHODH - BrahMos Vidyalaya Navinikaran Pariyojna

In 2010, the government of India inserted the Right to Education as a fundamental right in the constitution to provide free and compulsory education of all children in the age group of six to fourteen years. In addition to the quality of education, access to education and schools and having the basic educational environment is very critical to ensure learning. This is even more critical when it comes to girls’ education. Access to education for girls translates into many issues. Appropriate facilities in the school to ensure quality education, safe passage and safety in the school, clean and safe toilets for girls are some of the factors that ensure that girls can get to school and stay in school.

With the support of BrahMos Aerospace Pvt. Ltd Shodh is working on renovating, refurbishing and rehabilitating the physical infrastructure of the girls’ government school in Bhim Nagar, Gurgaon, Haryana. The Vidyalaya Navinikaran Pariyojna aims to encourage access for girls to better infrastructure and facilities, encourage a positive environment and improve learning. In addition to this SHODH regularly conducts workshops for the girls on various life skills required in today’s world.


Supporting government schools to provide quality education

SHODH is mobilising support from the community and corporates working in areas close to rural or semi urban areas to support the gaps in the current schooling system to ensure that the children do not miss out on quality education. As part of this initiative, SHODH has mobilised support for a volunteer educator for the government school in Sadopur, one of its intervention villages in the Greater Noida region.